Edema Treatment And Its Advantage To The Body

Edema Remedies is very essential. This is a disease that is characterized by swelling of your body as a result of accumulated fluids in the body. The disease is evident in the whole body, especially the ankles, hands and legs.

There are many causes of this disease. The dysfunction of the lymphatic system, excess salts inside the body and inflammation. Lack of proper balanced diet is also another factor contributing to this disease. Other factors include allergy, birth control systems, pregnancy, low carbohydrates in meals, taking of drugs and trauma.

Sodium in excess has a great effect on the body.Your body depends on the kidneys to get rid of the wastes from it. The kidneys are depended on hormonal functioning. If there is a hormonal imbalance, the kidney can not execute it functions well. Since excess salt is excreted out of your body through the kidney, it means that it will be retained resulting to accumulation of water in your body.

Many signs come along with the disease. The most evident is the swelling of most body parts. These parts are the legs, arms and ankles. The swellings become very painful with time, and may even result to delayed performance of the general duties.

Other symptoms include weight gain, palpitations, an increase in urination and high blood pressure. Frequent headache is also attributed as a sign of this disease. Pressure on the skin parts and puffiness of the legs, eyes and the ankles are also other signs. Chest edema can be evident by difficulties in breathing.

There are many ways that can be used to treat this disease. Some common methods include observing of diet. You are advised to reduce the quantities of salt taken in meals. You can substitute your cooking with herbs, lemon juice or vinegar in place of the salt. It is also good to eat very small quantities of the foods that have a swelling effect on your body. You should take meals that provide your body with carbohydrates, calories and proteins.

Modern technology has also contributed to the innovation of medicines that are of great help to the body. The medicines play a major role in the reduction of the excess water from the body. They also give the patient a quick relief to pains and headaches associated with the disease. The medicines also help to clean the kidneys, thus enhancing their functionality. This makes it easier for kidneys to perform its work properly.

These methods are also attributed to help maintain the pressure inside, as well as balancing the hormone levels. This modern technology also provides supplements that help to get rid of the excess fluids from the body. It is also recommended that you exercise your body daily to enhance its functioning. Taking foods rich in vitamin B6 also helps reduce the risk of infection. You should also avoid standing for long hours without moving your legs. This causes fluids to build on your legs, that later turn out to be very painful.

Edema treatment at its early stages is advised. This prevents the disease from getting to the critical stages. Good health ensures that you remain free of diseases always.












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