Herbal Remedies For HPV People Must Know

U. S. STI statistics show that genital human papillomavirus is also one of the common sexually transmitted infections that at least 20 million Americans are suffering from. Owing to the prevalence of the condition, it is necessary to know what options are available for treatment. Affected people might want to try natural treatment for hpv aside from conventional treatment.


About 40 strains of the virus have been identified and vaccines only for the common strains are developed. What's even more interesting about the case is that only a tenth of the affected population would be manifesting symptoms. If signs are not discovered and the immune system fails to relieve the body from the infection in two years, complications are likely to occur.


To avoid the complications, people must watch out for the development of warts in the genitals and nearby regions. These warts can be found in the cervix, vagina, penis, anus, thighs and groins. They appear either flat or raised and are either pinkish or fresh colored. Small and large groups of clumps of warts may be found in infected individuals too.


If these warts are left untreated, the continuous growth of abnormal cells would happen. And this dysplasia would give way to numerous forms of cancer that are serious. This is why medical treatment in the form of topical anti warts such as Podofilox would be prescribed. Surgery to remove the warts such as cryotherapy may also be indicated for more serious cases.

Aside from cancer, recurrent respiratory papillomatosis can also occur among infected individuals. In this condition, the warts can be found in the upper respiratory tract so that they interfere with the normal passage of air from the nose to the lungs. This is quite debilitating because not only does it reduce the oxygenation capacity of a person but also changes his voice.

Because surgical procedures can be very painful and medications are believed to be toxic in some ways, homeopathic researchers have begun to develop their own treatment approaches. They have created Nosode formulas that work like vaccines. These nosodes expose the immune system to the pathogen to help develop antibodies against it. However, they are not medically used as substitutes for vaccines.

Moreover, adjunct bioenergetic imprints, also called as sarcodes, have been developed to enhance the functioning of the immune system too. This is used in the attempt to fight off further infections. And since the human papillomavirus is commonly associated with the reproductive system, hormonal control on the sex hormones have also been developed.

Ayurvedic herbs such as Passionflower, Olive leaf and Tronodora are effective against viruses. To promote the balance in the body and enhance the efficiency of the immune system, Goldenseal, Echinacea and Astragalus are promising herbs to use. Drinking vegetable juices with parsley and cilantro daily are also helpful during outbreaks.

Indeed, there are several herbal remedies for HPV as well as homeopathic treatments available at present. But whatever treatment choice people have, their number one concern must be to avoid sexually transmitted infections by practicing the right discipline for their bodies. This involves getting to know their partners, using contraceptives, and avoiding promiscuity.

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