Natural Remedies For Natural Peptic Ulcer

Natural peptic ulcer is caused by excessive presence of acids in the stomach. These are the acids that are used to help in the digestion of food process. But if there is no food in the stomach, they attack and act upon the walls of stomach. It is also known as gastric ulcer and may reoccur, that is, one may suffer from it and it goes for good or, one may suffer from it them it comes again whether treated or not.

The disease is caused by a bacteria that is found in the small intestines. Poor dietary methods, alcohol, stress, smoking and drinks containing caffeine make the condition worse. They add to the acidity in small intestines thus making the situation more delicate. Certain medications also lead to one suffering from this disease. Especially medicines containing aspirins and paracetamols if taken for long periods over and over again or if someone is addicted to relieving pain with pain killers containing them, they will definitely cause illness.

Helicobacter pylori is the bacteria responsible for this ailment. This bacteria is not bad at all, but at times if there is no food to digest it disrupts the walls of mucous membrane. Thus causing the disease. This bacterium can be transmitted from one person to another through acts like kissing and eating or drinking from the same material.

Some of the symptoms one may have include, stomach pains which are severe when one is hungry, that is there is no food in the stomach. The pain is relieved by eating, it is meant to occupy the acid in digestion process. Milk is also a good reliever of pain as it acts as a neutralizer to the excess acid. Victims must avoid spicy foods as they only activate the acid more.

Gastrointestinal bleeding is the other symptom though internal. Comes about when the acid erodes near a blood vessel hence wearing it off. Unless there is keen medical examination, it is not possible to tell that one is bleeding. Severe bleeding is noticed if one's stool has traces of blood or vomits blood. Continued bleeding leads to the patient having other complications like anemia and general body weakness.

This sickness is curable if treated early and persistently. Treatment of the sickness involves using of antacids which help neutralize the acids in the stomach. Naturally, the ailment is treated by avoiding a lot of stress and relaxing the mind most of the time. Taking small quantities of food at small intervals helps too. It helps by keeping the stomach busy all the time, that is, there is no specific time it will be empty.

Some patients must undergo surgical treatment if the ulceration is extreme. The surgery is done to remove those parts highly producing much acids. Excess acids in stomach may lead to obstruction, stomach cancer, hemorrhage or perforations.

Patients with natural peptic ulcer should accompany all their meals with water. Water is very important as it helps in digestion as well as a neutralizer of the excess acids. Water also means life and taking much of it assures health living. Alongside medication one is advised to rest a lot and engage in small exercises to avoid idleness.

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