Herpes Cure Just To Keep It Under Control

Herpes is a sexually transmitted disease and is caused by a virus called herpes. Its symptoms are red blisters around the genital and cervix and cold sores on the mouth. Herpes simplex cure has not been foundbut what doctors recommend are medicines to control the symptoms and help reduce pain during recurrences.


This disease is spread by two types of virus which affect the genitals and the mouth. Genital herpes is transmitted through sexual intercourse and use of sex toys like vibrators. The disease that affects the mouth causes cold sores and sometimes they can be noticed around the eyes. Most of the symptoms are those from victims with suffering from genital herpes which causes blisters on areas within the anus and the rectum. In women the blisters are found around the cervix and are very itchy and also they get vaginal discharge.


The spread of this disease has grown at a high rate and one of the reasons is that most of those infected do not know that they are, because of the few symptoms and especially in women. Just by being itchy on their private parts might not force someone to look for medical attention and the more this condition stays the less it becomes painful. The only danger here is that if not treated it can move from the cervix to vagina and might cause other serious diseases.


Another reason for the high spread of the disease is that when one is infected it can take between three to one week before a lesion develops. During this period one cannot notice any symptom and it is not likely to have it transmitted. After two weeks of the initial infection an outbreak appears and develops into itching and red patches on the skin, then a blister is noticed and ulcers that form after the blisters are broken.


The virus cannot be spread by being in contact with hard products like towels, toilet seats, bathtubs or basins that have been in direct contact with the infected person. Many times the victims do not know whether they are infected as there are no symptoms noticeable, when they appear one notice blisters, cold sores, ulceration around the cervix, fever and body weakness.


This disease is mostly transmitted through sexual intercourse either vaginal or anal, oral sex and the use of sexual devices, like any other sexually transmitted disease there is no cure, and so people should use all necessary means to bring down the spreading of this virus by observing the best measures during sexual relationships, like unprotected sex. When in doubt about one's status the use of a condom is highly recommended.


People should know that this disease is not transmitted through sharing of cups, towels, basins, bathtubs or toilet seats. The only time one can be infected is when they have direct contact with the affected area. Individuals who are infected should always wash their hands after touching the affected areas.


Herpes cure has not been found but all over the world scientists are trying all means to come up with a vaccine that can wipe it out completely. But for now it is everyone's responsibility to take strict measures to avoid it from spreading.

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