The Most Serious Gonorrhea Complications That Merit Immediate Treatment

Gonorrhea is a condition that merit immediate attention and treatment. The first sign of the condition, the patient should immediately go to a doctor. Actually, even if you do not have signs or symptoms but you believe you have been exposed to the disease, you should also go see a doctor about it. This disease is known to cause many complications, which makes it even more imperative that medical treatment be sought immediately. We now venture to look at the three scariest complications that can arise, if the disease in question goes untreated for a long duration of time.

And the first scary complication of gonorrhea that remains untreated for long is infertility. It is almost inevitable how people lose their reproductive capabilities if they do not have treatments for gonorrhea immediately. Since they could not reproduce, we are looking at the potential loss or end of lineages. The infertility we are looking at here can affect both men and women. Popular belief is that complications in gonorrhea can cause infertility only among women. That would be a wrong assumption to make since it could happen to men, too. As a matter of fact, men who somehow manage to live without treating this disease for long, are at a greater risk of ending up being incurably infertile than women. Infertility in men due to failure to immediately treat gonorrhea would be greatly linked to the condition called epididymitis. Among women, infertility caused by untreated gonorrhea takes place when pelvic inflammation disorder takes place. It could be quite difficult for a person who becomes infertile to deal with the fact that having children is no longer an option. The psychological toll it would take on him or her would be quite hard to deal with. They do whatever they can to find treatment for their infertility. Unfortunately, in some cases, it turns out that such attempts at intervention are too late, and nothing can be done about the infertility.

The second scary complication of gonorrhea that remains untreated for long is enhanced susceptibility to other STDs, including the deadly HIV/AIDS. If you try to compare the effects of the gonorrhea condition to the potential effects of the STDs, you will find that the latter would be more terrifying. The STDs have a potential not only to target the reproductive system and cause infertility. They could even be deadly.

Gonorrhea could also lead to the person having a systemic disease once it remains untreated. It could spread to various parts of the body and hit the joints. If you do not have it treated immediately, the microorganisms could even get into the bloodstream. The bloodstream could be a conduit for these microorganisms into reaching other parts of the body. This could result to the patient having some nasty rashes. It could even prove to be debilitating once the joints in the body swell and stiffen up. This complication could lead to fever or, worse, the eventual death of the patient with the untreated gonorrhea.   

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