Three Situations That Is Symptomatic Of Vertigo


There are some three main ways in which vertigo normally manifests in patients. Let us take this opportunity to study what these symptoms are so we will know more about them. Worth mentioning, at a general level, is the fact that the three manifestations of the disease we are just about to look at tend to interfere with the patient's balance. Basically, the patient will have difficulty standing up or even walking properly if he is suddenly beset by a vertigo attack. If some patients are to be asked, they will probably say that this is not too much of a problem since a common vertigo attack is just momentary, except in rare cases where the person will be having lengthier episodes. Vertigo is one of those conditions that could give us a clue as to how our body works. With this, we will be more able to appreciate the delicacy of our various systems and we will also be able to recognize more easily the effects of a malfunction.


Patients with vertigo will suddenly feel as though they are constantly in motion, as if they are moving in circles. They could not help but move the opposite direction of what they originally meant to and when they walk, it would seem as though they are drunk, since they are weaving way too much and couldn't go on in a straight line. The patient naturally feels dizzy, and the whole thing often leads to nausea which in turn makes the patient vomit. Sometimes, the motion is too strong and the movements too realistic that they would not doubt even for a moment that sense of movement is merely taking place in their heads. It is fortunate that there are many who can actually come to terms with these bouts of dizziness. As a result, they can still get a hold of themselves even when experiencing an attack.


Vertigo could also happen in this manner: the patient would feel that it is the earth or his surroundings that is moving and he is just standing still when, in fact, it is the opposite. There would be erratic movement from the patient as he tries to dodge and make his way around a room with moving objects. The perception also interferes with balance - leading to a situation where the patient going through this finds it almost impossible to walk or even remain standing.


It is also the experience of many vertigo patients to feel as though something is spinning round and round in their heads. For the patient, there is no sense of movement at all, or the patient does not feel as though he or she is moving in any way. Conversely, he also does not feel as though the world around him is moving or the objects inside a room are in motion. All sense of movement is strictly limited inside the patient's head instead of on the external world around him. For someone who is experiencing this sensation for the very first time, it could be quite terrifying. That is the normal and instinctive reaction.


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